Every AFSL needs committees to manage the ongoing responsibilities of the Licence. From advice & compliance committees through to investment committees, every committee has a certain range of responsibilities and oversight that they need to manage. For this reason we have built strong functionality within our Committees to provide you with efficiencies that can not otherwise be achieved.



Maintain each of your AFSL Committees within the platform including;

  • Audit Committee
  • Risk Committee
  • Compliance Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • well, basically any type of committee


Continue reading for more information on our committees functionality including;

  • recurring committee meetings
  • predefined meeting agendas
  • meeting agendas prepopulated from your Compliance Calendar
  • meeting minutes
  • meeting minute templates
  • any voting requirements

All your committee meeting information will always be accessible simply by a click of a button.


Recurring Meetings

Establish recurring meetings for each of your committees to ensure that your committee members have each meeting scheduled in their calendars.

Meeting Agendas

Using Agenda Templates you can now set up a standard agenda for each of your committees ensuring that each topic is covered in each meeting.

Compliance Calendar

Import items directly from your Compliance Calendar into your meeting agendas. Ensure all of your compliance responsibilities are raised, discussed and minuted.



Meeting Minutes

Record all your meeting minutes within the platform to ensure you maintain full record keeping in line with your responsibilities.

Minute Templates

Speed up your minutes taking process by using our Minute Templates. By setting up your meeting minute templates, you can quickly apply minutes to each agenda item during your meetings.


If you need to vote on any of your agenda items or meeting minutes simply use the voting functionality that will allow your committee members to vote publicly or anonymously.



Automated Committee Reporting

This is perhaps the most powerful feature (so far) of our Committees functionality. You can now predefine the reports that you want to be automated and linked to each Agenda Item. For example, in your quarterly compliance committee you might have a quarterly agenda item to discuss your AFSL's audit results. Now, with the automated reporting, you can have all of your audit reports automatically create and attach themselves to the Committee Meeting Agenda.

This provides substantial efficiencies as no longer do you need to utilise manaual resources to generate all the different reports for all of your committee meetings.