Compliance Calendar


Compliance Calendar

Now you can set up all of your AFSL's compliance responsibilities in one location using our Compliance Calendar. Each item can then be assigned a month (or months) that the item needs to be reviewed and can assign that item to a Committee.

No longer will you miss any of your compliance responsibilities.


Compliance Calendar

Maintain a list of your annual compliance requirements including;

  • every compliance responsibility
  • when each responsibility needs to be performed
  • who is responsible for each responsibility (ie, a committee or a person)




Agenda Items

Import items directly from your Compliance Calendar into your meeting agendas. Ensure all of your compliance responsibilities are raised, discussed and minuted.

Meeting Minutes

Record all your meeting minutes within the platform to ensure you maintain full record keeping in line with your responsibilities.

Automated Reporting

Using our reporting solution, you can set up different reports to automatically merge and attach to the relevant agenda items. No longer do you need to use manual resources to create time consuming reports.