Our Dashboard solution lets you connect to almost any data, compose dashboards, visualise with widgets, and efficiently organise and share it with others.




Create dashboards

Transform your data into visualisation in minutes and make better business decisions quickly using our powerful dashboard designer application that lets you compose dashboards quickly.

Connect to any data

All the commonly used data sources, including Microsoft Excel, CSV, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Salesforce, JSON and RESTful web services are supported.

Collaborate with team

Collaborate with your team to transform visualisations into great results using our secure dashboard server with flexible sharing options.

Share with everyone

Generate reports as PDF, Excel, CSV, and image formats, and share them with others.



Drag & Drop Dashboard Designer

Our simple drag and drop Dashboard Designer allows you to easily build your own dashboards and visualise the data that is important to you and your team.


Visualisation Options

Choose from a range of different chart and widget options to ensure you can visualise the data exactly the way you want to see it.

  • Bar charts
  • Column charts
  • Bubble maps
  • Heat maps
  • Pie charts
  • Data tables
  • Pyramids
  • Funnels
  • Line charts
  • Radial guages




Interactive and Drill Down Dashboards

Easily build interactive dashboards that allow you to quickly filter and drill down into your data.