Document Generation


Document Generation

The Captegra Platform provides powerful 'in application' word processing functionality allowing all documents to be generated within the platform. No more downloading documents, version control and visibility concerns that exist with standard locally saved documents.

With our document generation tool, you can now have 1 repository for;

  • Your FSG templates
  • Your FDS & Opt-in templates
  • Your advice templates (RoA, SoA etc)


Cross-Browser Editing

Your users will enjoy a WYSIWYG, MS Word compatible, web-based, cross-browser editor that will allow them to create powerful reporting templates and documents anywhere - in any browser on any device.

Document Protection

Your documents can now be protected by restricting the formatting and editing of the document's content. This allows you to create AFSL compliant documents and ensure that certain text, sections or the entire document can not be altered in anyway.

Track Changes

Changes are visually marked up and also available in the new sidebar Tracked Changes that lists all changes with a timestamp and author information. This allows multiple users to collaborate by working on the same document.