AFSL Policies & Procedures

Maintain all of your AFSL Policies & Procedures within the platform and achieve full visibility of which advisers have or have not read the information. Linking your policies & procedures into the Process Designer also allows you to;

  • assign the policies during adviser onboarding
  • assign the policies during adviser remediation
  • assign the policies during the generation of advice

Best of all, you can meet your AFSL responsibilities by using the Process Designer to implement procedures within your AFSL that are 100% inline with your policies.




Online Policies

Transform your server based word documents into online policies so that you no longer have version control issues or old documents within your adviser network.

Online Updating

Using our online document generation tools you can manage all of your policies within the platform itself.

Track Changes

Track all the changes that anyone is making on your policies so that you have a full history of each document.