Approved Product Lists

Maintain all of your APL's within the platform and link to your preferred research house.

Best of all, if and when the status of a product within your APL changes, you can automate the commencement of a predefined process using the Process Designer.






Risk Register

Maintain each of the key risks of your AFSL and ensure they are managed and monitored via one of the AFSL Committees.





AFSL Registers

Maintain your AFSL registers including;

  • Approved product lists
  • Collateral register
  • Outsourcing register
  • Risk register






Adviser Registers

Maintain all of your adviser registers in one location ensuring you have 100% visibility of your adviser data;

  • Alternative remuneration register
  • Complaints register
  • Conflicts of interest register
  • Incidents & breaches register
  • Training register

The Process Designer also allows you to build your own processes around what occurs when entries are made to any of these registers ensuring your procedures are always followed inline with your AFSL Policies.