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CPD Training

Deliver CPD training to your advisers to help them meet their ongoing education requirements. Take your adviser training one step further by delivering training when it is required, for example;

  • during adviser on-boarding to your AFSL
  • post an adviser audit as part of remediation training
  • as a micro learning event when advice is being generated

Stay tuned for some upcoming announcements on partnerships of CPD training materials.




CPD Integration

Through our integration with Caddie, you can now deliver training to your advisers and have full reporting with your GRC platform.

Learning Plans

Establish the learning plans for each of your advisers and track this against their CPD progress achieved via Caddie.

Automated Reporting

Using our reporting solution, you can set up your CPD reports to automatically merge and attach to the relevant committee that reviews training progress. No longer do you need to use manual resources to create time consuming reports.