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Calendars & Events

Managing your time and appointments is one of your most important tasks. For this reason, our calendar has a myriad of features to ensure your time is always maximised both within your calendar and of course, using the calendar itself via easy resource scheduling, rescheduling appointments through editor pop-ups, drag and drop, and a resizing action.


Quick event overview

Clicking or tapping on events displays their important details, such as subject and timing, along with edit and delete options.

Outlook and Google integration

Easily synchronize events with Google or Outlook Calendar.

Cell selection

Click and drag the pointer over the scheduler cells for multiple cell selection. You can do the same with keyboard shortcuts.


Custom start and end hours

Display the event scheduler layout with specific time durations by hiding the unwanted hours.

Highlighting current time

Indicates the current date with a highlighted date header, as well as marks accurately the current time on all views.

Quick pop-ups

Use our pop ups to quickly and easily add an event to your calendar.