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Drag and Drop to design, build and manage integrations

Captegra makes it easy for anyone to design workflows, integrations and automations, with no programming skills required. And to make it even easier, we have created our Process Library where you can chose from our growing list of predesigned workflows.


Automate with Clicks, not Code

Empower your team to build integrations that enable business processes to be automated. It is a simple, easy to use interface that enables your team to design workflows visually.

Smarter Processes

Design your workflows as simple and as complex as you’d like with any combination of apps, triggers & actions, conditions, loops, error handling, and more. Enhance your workflows over time by simply dragging new actions into your workflow.

Smart Versioning

Build your integrations iteratively with easy version control. Rollback to older or upgrade to newer versions - you will never lose any work.




Process Designer

The Captegra Process Designer automates your processes using an integrated set of visual tools that allow for the creation of workflows, active forms, third party app integrations and endless automation, without writing code. These designs are built and tested using visual, drag and drop - no code - design tools. Resulting processes are built in a fraction of the time of other methods - and are easier to evolve as your business requirements change.


Step Library

The key element in any workflow tool is what can it do and from a tool perspective, what that really means is what's in the toolbox. Our Process Designer has a comprehensive set of pre-built steps that can be simply dragged and dropped into your workflow process. From simple user task management to complex transfer of data to third party applications, our Process Designer allows you to build what ever process your team can envisage.

Process Library

A lot of workflows in financial planning follow similar patterns. For instance strategy implementation, ongoing reviews and general client management. The Captegra platform includes our Process Library, which includes a set of workflow templates that can be loaded and modified in your visual design environment so that you can get up and running a lot quicker.

Full Featured Process Automation - Without Code

The Process Designer provides a comprehensive set of visual tools to automate your processes – integrating user tasks and third party apps to provide true business optimisation. The Process Designer will allow you to achieve efficiency within your AFSL or financial planning practice that you've never seen before.

Beyond User Automation

Your workflows are created by simply adding steps to the diagram, configuring properties, and attaching these steps in sequence. With over 200 steps in the library, our Process Designer goes well beyond a simple task reminder system – allowing system interactions, data manipulation, workflow nesting, branching, and merging and many other types of interactions.



Drag & Drop Designer

Our simple drag and drop Process Designer allows you to easily build your business processes and clearly see the process flow.





Step Library

Select from our continually growing list of integrations so that you can use your preferred applications and optimise your efficiency.

View a list of our prebuilt integrations in our App Library.