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Workflow Automation

The commencement of workflows is often as important as the workflow itself. Your processes can be started in a myriad of ways to suit your process including; 


Form Interaction

Some workflows start with a form interactions. This could be a form created using the Process Designer and published on a company intranet. These interactions can also occur on an external form in another application or on a website.

On a Schedule

Workflows can be scheduled to start running on a given date, a computed date, or on defined intervals. You can also create a workflow to figure out when the start date should be.

Trigger Event

Trigger events can be any number of things that happen in other systems, workflows, or monitored data sources.

On Data Entry

Workflows can automatically be commenced when new data is entered or if the data entered meets certain requirements.


Workflow Visualisation

We believe the visualisation of your workflows is the most important aspect of any workflow tool so that your team can quickly and easily see where every process is at.

For this reason our Process Engine visually displays the status of every workflow and exactly what tasks have and have not yet been completed.



Visual Process Status

The Process Engine clearly illustrates which steps and / or tasks have been completed and which ones are yet to be actioned.





Workflow Path

If your workflows have different paths that can be processed, the process engine will clearly illustrate which pathway the workflow has proceeded through.

This provides you with the ability to proceed down different paths, for example;

  • Only set up a new My Prosperity account for A clients
  • Only send SoA's to Tiqk if investments are greater than an amount
  • Only assign certain remediation if an audit fails a certain aspect
  • Only send SMS appointment reminders to non A Class clients

Decisions can be based around any data or numerical equation which provides endless capabilities to design workflows that suit your business process.





Current Step

The current step is always highlighted so you can very easily see where each workflow is at.