Process Optimisation

How we work with you!

We want you to work efficiently in your business, and we are no different. We have designed our services around helping you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.
This is achieved through our 3 step approach.


The first step is to design your processes and map out how you want to engage with your clients. Starting from our Process Library ensures you can implement your business processes almost immediately.


In today's environment, there will more often than not be other technologies that you want to utilise in your processes. Using our App Library and Process Designer provides all the integrations you need for today, tomorrow and ongoing.


The goal to building more efficient business processes is the ability to automate as many steps as possible. Using our Process Designer allows this to occur with an extensive list of prebuilt steps. Saving you time.



The Case for Continuous Process Improvement

In light of today's legislative environment, AFSL's and Financial Planning practices must always search for new ways to deliver better customer experience, seize market opportunities, increase efficiency and productivity, enhance resource usage, improve quality and consistency and rapidly adapt to change. Captegra helps organisations drive continuous process improvement that enables businesses to achieve these goals.


A process architecture is a visual model of the processes of your business. It is a critical business blueprint that guides decision makers and executes strategy. Usually created to include, initially, the two or three highest levels, the process architecture provides a powerful visualisation and management tool. It also captures related resources, documentation, performance measures, measurement methods, and governance arrangements.


Integration is the connection of different software applications, services, application programming interfaces (APIs), data and devices to automate business processes and deliver timely, accurate information to users and customers. Achieving this technically requires engineering that interconnects these systems & applications to facilitate the rapid exchange of business information. Sounds complicated right...?

Captegra helps you simplify this complexity by aligning your business processes to your digital strategy, building bridges between your legacy data and platforms and orchestrating your systems to scale for future innovation and growth. Our team works to connect your disparate technologies to unlock that value into efficient, reliable systems. This enables you to align business and IT, potentially lowering your IT costs and improve flexibility to efficiently deliver your organisational strategy.



In an increasingly digital world, where organisations are striving to move bits instead of atoms, process automation is one of the methods you can use to turn your “To Be” process into an effective, efficient, and digitally-aware “As Is” process that delivers enhanced experiences, reduces costs, and improves quality.




Average efficiency outcome

Our results speak for themselves as our average efficiency gain, measured by a reduction in overall processing time, currently stands at 87%.




Reduction in processing time

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