Automated compliance 

How do we do it?

With the ever increasing compliance regime in financial services, no one system can meet all your requirements efficiently. This is why we have partnered with the best systems and service providers to deliver a world class solution. 

Market leading advice docs

Stop spending money on Xplan while still maintaining access to their marketing leading advice tech.

World's best CRM platform

Built on Salesforce, the Captegra compliance solution incorporates market leading solutions.

Integrated Advice 

Align with the Zovanti Financial Planning CRM for greater data visibility.

Complete workflow solution

Achieve maximum efficiency with the Hivrs automation platform.

Industrial strength

Built on Salesforce.

Captegra sits entirely within the Salesforce platform and leverages all of the foundation components of Salesforce, the $150b world leader in CRM platform delivery.

Select the modules you need to enhance your business operations such as Sales or Service Cloud, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Einstein Analytics or Marketing Cloud, Customer Community, Partner Community and Salesforce Shield. 

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Workflow automation


With over 20 years experience in financial services and process automation, the Hivrs team have a range of prebuilt workflows that will streamline the management of your AFSL. 


With an ever increasing ecosystem of integrations, the Hivrs automation platform allows you to connect all your preferred systems into your AFSL Governance, Risk & Compliance solution.

Full Financial Planning CRM

Built on Salesforce and integrated with Captegra's Compliance Solution, the Zovanti CRM provides the industry's most efficient business operation platform.

Xplan Advice & Review Documents

Utilise Zovanti's best of breed SoA, RoA & Review templates and remove your Xplan template costs.

AI Meeting App

Remove the need to manually write or type your client meeting notes. Zovanti's industry leading meeting app records your meetings and automatically populates your factfind and other CRM fields. 


Make advice great again Zovanti


The Complius team will help you with every aspect of your AFSL obligations
using the Captegra technology to drive your compliance efficiency. 

AFSL Setup

The Complius team can assist you in the establishment of your new AFSL.

Monitoring & Supervision

Utilise the Complius team to manage the ongoing audits of your authorised reps. 

AFSL Governance

The Complius team can assist with the ongoing governance of your AFSL through regular compliance meetings. 


Mills Oakley

Implement industry leading AFSL Policies perfectly aligned with Hivrs operating procedures. 

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Compliance Risk Framework
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Monitoring and Supervision Policy
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Conflict of Interest Policy
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Issue & Breach Policy
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RM Appointment & Training Policy
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Complaints Handling Policy
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Resourcing & Outsourcing Policy
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Business Continuity Policy
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Risk Management Plan